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Talent Management and Professional Development

We believe in managing talent wherever it may be found, from primary all the way to tertiary institutions, and in workplaces. Through our special Axis TM initiatives, we seek to challenge existing perceptions about careers and to support progressive and innovative approaches to career planning and development. Our aim is to expose people from childhood to adulthood to the world of work, introducing them to diverse career options and opportunities, presenting them with resources to enhance their career development and helping them to excel in their chosen fields, fuelled by their passion.

We are very passionate about investing in young people, and a lot of our activities are geared towards their career development. Our workshops are very interactive. Our efforts include, but are not limited to the following:

Axis Talent Management services for young people, from Primary to Tertiary levels

  • Facilitating an exploration of unlimited career options for young people
  • Leadership development through mentoring and supportive programs
  • Realistic and feasible exposure to the world of work - career coaching/planning - cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset etc, CV writing workshops etc...
  • Business Communication - CV writing, personal and professional correspondence, report writing etc...
  • We embark on an active campaign to raise the awareness of career options open to students through field trips, workshops, documentaries etc...
  • We provide students not only with exposure, but with practical experience in their chosen fields through internships/attachments
  • We believe in assisting students to be innovative in creating niches for themselves in which they can excel, rather than grooming themselves for existing jobs only.
  • Ultimately, we would like to challenge and facilitate educational reform in which different areas of study are all valued and none are stigmatized. We would like to see a philosophical change in how we see and understand education. (Look out for our Axis Foundation Programs!)

Axis Professional Talent Management services

  • Talent Retention Strategies - we help companies to identify talent in their organization and to design strategies to keep and grow their best employees
  • Resettlement Support - We support people who live outside of Ghana and want to either return permanently or get involved in what's going on in Ghana. We will sit with them and strategize, and map out their involvement. Where we don't offer the services they need, we will refer them to other resources - financial institutions etc...
  • Niche Professional Development Opportunities - our aim is to equip individuals in specific professional areas with entrepreneurial skills to develop themselves and to address some of their specific needs.
    Target Groups for some of our upcoming projects:
    • Social entrepreneurs (especially young entrepreneurs)
    • Highly skilled expatriates/returnees
    • Sportsmen and women, sports administrators and managers
    • Medical professionals
    • The disabled
    • Teachers/educators
    • Small enterprise owners, petty traders

For more details on our Talent Management and Professional Development activities, including fees, please register/login.

Initial Contact & Assessment

  1. Source for/receive a request for support in writing (e-mail is fine)
  2. We send a form to the client (individual or organization), requesting information on what is needed. In the case of workshop facilitation requests for example, we would like to know the name of the group, their vision/mission, goal for the workshop, location, seating arrangement, time allotted etc... Once this information is received, it is easier to plan the way forward


  1. We design the content for whatever workshop we plan for clients ? interactive activities, powerpoint presentations, etc...
  2. Each workshop is different and so we determine what resources will be needed, and communicate that to the client.
  3. A lot of our TM workshops for young people fall into the category of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives, and so are pro-bono. However, depending on the workshop, a fee is calculated with various factors in mind including the actual training/workshop time, resources needed, number of facilitators, equipment needed etc...
  4. We sign an agreement with the client and then proceed to implement the plan
  5. Depending on resources needed, Axis may make logistic arrangements as necessary for later reimbursement, or may leave such arrangements to the client, whichever is more convenient.
  6. At the end of the workshop, participants design their Action Plans, putting on paper HOW they will transfer their knowledge gained into practice. It also makes it easier for us to track progress


  1. Upon completion, we solicit feedback from clients
  2. We also follow up in order to see how the individuals or organizations are doing

Kindly let us know if there is any additional information you would need. See the Contact Us page for contact details.